Diplôme Supérieur d’Arts Appliqués Lyon

École Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués La Martinière Diderot

Snowboard and protection

Antoine BONTE. Diploma project. DSAAD Product design. 2020

Sliding sports are not easy to access. We need to be fully equipped which is expensive and cumbersome. Moreover, learning to practice them is a hard task. This is why, as a designer, I aim to make them accessible. It should not distort the environment : it is the soul of those sports.

When sliders are practising, it increases the potential energy in their body. That is why they are exposed to personal injuries or even death if they do not control it. However, if we want to improve our skills, we need to practise. In that kind of sports, we learn from our mistakes.

This learning method scares a lot of people. That is why I will suggest reducing personal injuries via a new kind of accessible protections that do not hinder movement.