Diplôme Supérieur d’Arts Appliqués Lyon

École Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués La Martinière Diderot

Biolimit +


Hademm Dassa – Graphic Design / Diploma Session 2021

The experiences of the health crisis-related lockdowns of 2020-21 reconfigured our consumption of digital technologies, to the point of a total rebirth. 22 years later, digital technologies still fuel the obsession with showing the best version of ourselves. This new way of existence pushes us designers to question and experiment with digital beings.

The Biolimit+ project questions, through speculative design, the current need for a singular formal representation of the human figure, inspired by the aesthetic codes defined by the beauty canons on social networks. This tool allows users to design new digital bodies thanks to an algorithm, and then to integrate them into reality. Conceived as a research laboratory, it is an exploration of what could a post-human figure be.