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École Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués La Martinière Diderot

Shelter – a VR solution to meltdowns of people on the autism spectrum

Paul-Élie Silberstein

Paul-Élie Silberstein

Graphic Design



The main promise of virtual reality is that it provides a clean cut from the world: an alternative existence. The Shelter project uses this interruption as potential protection, a refuge from external stimuli experienced too intensely by people with autism and which can lead to a meltdown, a complete collapse. There are as many variants of autism as there are people affected, which is why this immersive experience is completely customizable. At this stage of personalization and configuration, it is necessary to integrate accompanying persons, and in a second step, patients can find, in their VR headset, an interactive environment intended to give them a feeling of calmness and to facilitate a return to normality. 

Samples of virtual spaces are proposed, introducing a principle of nesting environments and navigation within.