Diplôme Supérieur d’Arts Appliqués Lyon

École Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués La Martinière Diderot

DUP method (Designer,User,Photography)

Marine CHEMIN Diploma project Space Design 2020

In our current context, Space Designers seem to be part of a digital 2.0 revolution. Our tools are mutating, transforming and multiplying. It is therefore imperative as a designer to question and reevaluate our means and tools of creation; this in an innovative and efficient perspective. In spite of its systematization in space designers’ creative processes (moodboards,
inventory, communication…), photography proves to be more ambitious than it seems. Indeed, thanks to its own genius—its punctum, it leaves room for revelations not desired by photographers, in spite of a conscious project. It then brings to light what is not visible or obvious to the human eye and is involved in a cooperation between itself, users and designers, making the creative act a fair act. The DUP method (Designer,User,Photography) aims to deploy a methodology which is specific to space designers by including photography at the heart of their creative process.