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École Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués La Martinière Diderot

Dramatis Avatae – Graphic staging of digital theater

Manon Salah

Manon Salah

Graphic Design



More and more plays and stage performances are making use of the web and new technologies. Such attempts to propose pathbreaking and immersive experiences raise questions regarding the potential and the characteristics of digital tools.

Accessories and stage sets need to be carefully designed in order to transcend the “cyber-theatre experience” and it is up to us, interaction graphic designers, to live up to the task.

In this spirit I established a collaboration between theater and interactive design using the play YMOLEG, written by Raphaël Gouisset, as a search tool.

Thanks to these various experiences I imagined a cyberacting platform : Dramatis avatae. This tool generates one or several digital actors who adapt to the performance and to its public through a range of interactions combining traditional theater with web communication.