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École Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués La Martinière Diderot


Hacking Fashion System

By Chloé Le Lay



We live in a consumerist society where images, novelty, marketing and profits are the only values. Fast fashion is the model that illustrates this system. It neglects the foundation of its production process, which is human manufacturing. The project “1.5%” presents itself as a distorting mirror of this society.

Seen as both a virtual and a real experience, the goal of this project is to parasitize consumers’ behaviour during their shopping experience. By blocking the marketing system of brands and by taking control over their retail outlets, it denounces the reality of the working-class condition while involving consumers, thus depriving them from their free will.

The ultimate goal is to make consumers aware of the system and to make them, as well as brands, wonder in order to upgrade workers’ value.