Diplôme Supérieur d’Arts Appliqués Lyon

École Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués La Martinière Diderot

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DSAAD2 Students Summer Seminar

From September 30 to October 4

at La Marinière Diderot and Lyon Urban School

For 5 days, DSAA_D2 met a number of actors involved in one way or another in a research process. Whether researchers themselves or research actors, these speakers were able to testify and discuss with the students about the methods and the resources that underpin the activity of the researcher.

In this context, we were glad to have, among others, Martin Guillaumie and Jérémie Niel on the issues of co-design, Theo Mahut, PhD in Design & User, Cécile Fournel, PhD student, Fanny Parise, Anthropologist, Kenza Drancourt, inclusive design specialist at Seb Industry, Maëlle Campagnoli, journalist and author of the reference book “Impression 3D, the factory of the future”, Stéphane Guerrier, Pauline Gamore, founder of Textile Lab, Marc Benbahi, facilitator of the Givors technology platform, Célia Bonnet- Ligeon, head of the NRV Lab at Les Subsistances, Natacha Paquignon, choreographer and project leader for VR explorations in dance with the Space Dance project, former students and young graduates (or postgraduate), Juliette Pereira, Manon Coueslan, Amalia Jaulin, Mickaël Brun, Camille Martin, Lucie Frigot, Emma De Morel, Christine Grancher Martel.

In addition, in collaboration with the École urbaine de Lyon, on the Halles du Faubourg site, a day was dedicated to anthropocene-related issues with which today’s design is necessarily linked. Jérémy Cheval, coordinator of Innovative Training, Continuing, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Training, and Adrien Pinon, Chief Operating Officer (Fab Manager) at Halles du Faubourg (Fab Lab Culturel) gave us some keys to feed the reflection of all the students.