Diplôme Supérieur d’Arts Appliqués Lyon

École Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués La Martinière Diderot

Incoming students


ESAA la Martinière Diderot offers courses for international students who wish to study in one of the departments of the DSAA.

We offer several programmes, in which foreign students study alongside local students for one, two, three or four terms.

Exchange students who belong to partner institutions can follow courses with us according to the institutional agreements. Non-exchange students should follow the procedure indicated on LMD’s website.

In all cases, application forms will be examined by the teaching staff, who will decide whether they accept the applicants or not (in case the application form is not complete or does not correspond to the staff’s requirements).

You can apply as a student in DSAA at LMD

As an exchange student

If you are a student in one of our partner institutions. In that case, you will have to fill in the online application form. Please visit the adequate section in this website.

As a free mover

If your school is not one of our partners but you still wish to apply.

This will be your situation if you are :

  • a European citizen (EU/EEA member states as well as Andorra and Switzerland). In that case, you should contact the international relations office at la Martinière Diderot and see if signing an agreement is possible. No specific procedure exists for further education after the first graduate year (L1).
  • a non-European student living in Europe: in that case, the French consulate from your country of residence will grant you a student visa.

Other situations

The procedure to follow to enter a French institution depends on your nationality, the country in which you reside, and your educational plans. In more than 36 countries (list on the Campus France website), a convenient online process is in place. Use of this procedure is required if you wish to obtain a student visa.

If you live in a country which is not listed, you may apply directly to the institutions of your choice.

Fill out a request for prior admission form (demande d’admission prélable – DAP) by completing the “dossier blanc” (white file). Download and fill out the “dossier blanc” of the DAP on the MESR website. Applications must be submitted to the French embassy of your country of residence.

For free movers

French Language Proficiency test (Test de Connaissance du Français – TCF). As part of the request for prior admission (DAP), you have to take a French language comprehension test. For more information: CIEP website.

The TCF minimum scores required by la Martinière Diderot are 14/20 for the Writing part and 400/699 for the multiple choice test. For application, get in touch with your nearest approved TCF test centre as soon as possible.

You must take all of the following examinations for your application to be considered: Compulsory examinations (Listening, Proficiency in language structures and Reading), as well as Writing.

Online application is compulsory for all students applying to la Martinière Diderot in the DSAA. Please visit the adequate section in this website.

Additional information for international students

Social security and health insurance

European and Swiss students

Before departure, you have to apply for the European health insurance card from the social protection services of your country of origin (carte européenne d’assurance maladie – CEAM). It is free and valid for two years. You will not need to pay for the French Social security, as the sickness insurance primary fund (Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie – CPAM) will refund you.

The first time you ask them for reimbursement, add the followings to your form: a copy of the CEAM, banking information, enrolment certificate and proof of residential address in France (such as electricity or telephone bill, accommodation certificate).

The documents should be sent to Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie (CPAM) :
Service des Relations Internationales
69007 LYON Cedex 20

Students from Quebec, Andorra and Monaco

You are exempt from joining the French student Social security.

Other students

You must register with the French student Social security system. This registration is done at the same time as your administrative enrolment at the ESAA la Martinière Diderot. Annual membership amounted to 215 € in 2016. When registering you will have to choose between the two organisms that handle reimbursement, LMDE and SMERRA.

You can then contact the one you have chosen. You will have to transmit the following : proof of Social security membership, banking information, and declaration of choice of attending physician.

For more information and documents visit lmde.fr or smerra.fr

Additional health insurance

The compulsory Social security system only reimburses a part of health expenses. Taking out additional health insurance (mutuelle complémentaire) is not compulsory, but it guarantees better reimbursements. You can take out additional health insurance with your Social security organism (LMDE or SMERRA), or another insurance firm.

For more information: www.smerra.fr or www.lmde.fr

* Civil liability insurance (responsabilité civile), as well as home insurance (assurance habitation) is compulsory during your stay in France.